A beautiful life


How often we have felt that life was beautiful
regardless of the best
How often we prelude in spite of regrets
A road to eternity ,a soul enhancing journey
The magnificent life has many more many
A grandeur flow of a musical symphony
When smiles become the green fields
And laughter a charming garden
Its a child’s play for the wisdom seekers
A glorious chapter ever after
What We seek ,sure does seek you
What you want to reach ,has a affinity to you
Thus my friend of all the times
It is in you ,that I find
One as me and none as other
Living the times as present
Everything we feel is a perception
To another you as every moment
In the galaxy of stars ,in the shining twilight
I am here as one of you
Perched on my wall ,a metaphor
At random hour
A traveler in cosmic space
From the start ,a mind blowing human race .

Pearl inside the shell

As a drop in the ocean
forming a whirlpool in our heart
The song of the galaxy
is the love of life
Existing in all ,as mind and heart
As the moon arrives late at night
Yet watching its reflection
captured by a dewdrop on a leaf
It is the time of perfection underneath
And by the shores of the sea
A pearl lies inside the shell
Waiting someone discovers it
And compares it to the sun
from dusk to dawn
shining in the unknown
and deep inside on the ocean floor
An angel mesmerized swims
Every drop forms the ocean
Every tear of the sea a pearl
And there is Earth and the moon
who became followers of the sun
Beyond every reason ………..

PrI Ya